Our company offers a variety of services to meet your project’s needs, to take you from collaboration meetings all the way to ribbon-cutting and beyond. We believe that every project is unique, and can customize our approach to fit your particular project. While we are at the forefront of and specialize in design-build, we are very familiar with a number of delivery methods and are confident we can find the process that will best help you meet your goals. The company has handled a wide range of jobs such as multi storied Buildings, Township, Factories, large Residential complexes clubs, Apartments, Technical buildings & External water supply, Plumbing Electrification site development Roads. The company thus possesses experience in wide ranging jobs with good financial truck records and is in a position to offer complete services.

our main focus in the construction field


Our innovaters have a very high itellectual and intelligence to get the work done, let’s see what are their strategies. Our innovaters believe in giving the workers a sense of freedom so that the innovaters can think out of the box and workers can apply to the same easily. Providing the team all the resources to implement innovative ideas is always on the edge of their sword. We at R.G construction helps you to acheive your desired dream house with keeping in mind everything from basic house needs to the budget of your pocket.


Quality Control is our major part of quality management that ensures products and service comply with requirements. Our working method also facilitates the measurement of the quality characteristics of a unit, compares them with the established standards, and analyses the differences between the results obtained and the desired results in order to make decisions which will correct any differences. All the technical specifications are carried out to ensure the construction works correctly. They include not only products and materials, but also the execution and completion of the works.




House Renovation Services can thoroughly change the look and feel of the home. It can update the warming, ventilation, and cooling to make the home as pleasing and welcoming as could be normal considering the present situation.

This is a perfect chance to redo the home and add incredible merchandise to it. We have aptitude in old home redesign temporary workers close to your area which includes room resizing, tile giving off and uniting of rooms. We can in like manner portion the rooms to make more rooms.


our main focus in the renovation field


Whether you’re contemplating a whole house remodel, addition, or the renovation of a kitchen or bathroom, Hometyme Construction’s proven Design + Build process will help you envision new possibilities for improving the function, beauty, and value of your home. As one of the highly experienced builders, we also assure that remodeling increases it’s comfort and energy efficiency as well. And, because we provide reliable cost information throughout the process, you’ll feel confident that the design decisions you make, optimize your financial investment and increase the value of your home. Once the dust has settled and you’re living in your newly-remodeled home, we want you to Love Your Home and feel certain that you chose the right company for your project.


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